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Consulting Services:
Assess and Improve Medical Device
Products, Technology, R&D, and Feasibility

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Whatever happened to that guy you knew who loved science and technology and could explain anything?
He has been doing medical device R&D for over 30 years and has designed and evaluated over 100 products.
When you need to know the real story of medical device R&D or technology call Team Medical and ask for Warren P. Heim, P.E.

Hands-on experience makes a difference.

Product experience includes operating room, critical care, diagnostics, therapeutic, monitoring, instruments, disposables, cardiac care, signal processing, medication delivery


Over 100 medical device projects have been done


Hospital and alternate care site products


Mechanical, electronic, software systems


Domestic and overseas


Product and Project Feasibility

Will it work?


Can it be manufactured?


How much will it cost to make??


Will it be reliable?


What could go wrong?

Cogent reports and briefings get to the core issues

Project review and audit


Technical review and audit


Capability assessment


Concrete steps to improve & move forward


Medical Device R&D: Project Evaluation, Analysis, and Improvement
Over 30 years of Medical Device R&D Experience to Understand and Improve


What are the real unknowns that can affect development cost and product introduction schedule?


What improvements in the team can help complete R&D and get the product manufactured?


Is the schedule realistic and how much longer could it take?


What management improvements can keep or help get the project on schedule and budget?



You Get Facts That Back Up Our Conclusions
Medical Device Expert Engineering and Analysis That Produces Facts


Engineering calculations, models, simulations, prototypes to evaluate and anticipate performance


Medical Device Failure Analysis


Testing, Product Tear Down, and Analysis in our laboratory



Intellectual property review


As the inventor of on over 25 U.S. Medical Device Patents my experience includes reviewing hundreds of patents to ascertain differences and similarities


How unique is the technology forming a company's foundation?


Evaluate medical technology to distinguish it from what has been patented.


Product research and development, engineering, and production startup


detailed technical and engineering design for products and manufacturing processes


surgical instrument coating design and application


product requirements review and recommendations


design review


product development process review and improvement


preproduction quality assurance audit, review, recommendations


510(k) review, preparation


Due diligence by reviewing or assessing technology, products, or businesses


technical feasibility, including using engineering analysis and laboratory testing


competitive position and business potential


intellectual property position


product development cost estimates


product development status and schedule


management and technical team requirements and skills


roadblocks to remove or miracles that need to occur before success can happen


probability of technical success (product produced at target cost) assessment


Use outside review to anticipate problems and identify solutions to control costs and schedules.


Can the proposed team make it work and get it manufactured?


Is the schedule realistic and how much longer could it take?


What are the real unknowns that can affect development cost and product introduction schedule?


Hazard, Failure, and Risk Analysis and Assessment


Safety Analysis


Testing, Product Tear Down & Analysis in our laboratory


Failure/Fault Analysis,


Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA),


Fault Tree Analysis (FTA),


Hazard Analysis,


Risk Analysis


The art and science of using contract product developers


How to work with contract product developers and efficiently move through R&D and into manufacturing


I understand how contract product developers and outside experts think and work – I have been a consultant and contract medical product developer for over 20 years


How to manage contract product developers and other outside experts


I can help you efficiently work with outside resources


What works and does not work when using contract product developers


What contract product developers do best and what they do poorly


When to not rely on outside product developers and other outside experts


How to fix problems with contract product developers on a project


How to avoid problems with contract product developers


I can help you get projects back on track when using outside developers and experts


When you need a real hands-on expert on medical device technology and development give me a call.
I’m here to help you.


A short list of example products includes:


Surgical instruments


orthopaedic instruments, including RF ablation, cutting, and tissue shrinkage


monopolar and bipolar electrosurgical instruments and generators


minimally invasive surgical instruments


endoscopes -- cardiac, vascular, urologic


Cardiac and vascular care and monitoring


intracardiac catheters


multiparameter hemodynamic monitor


cardiac output


left ventricular assist device (LVAD)


Patient monitoring and support


noninvasive blood glucose meters


pulse oximeters




implantable bioartificial pancreas


home hemodialysis system


Drug delivery systems


hospital infusion pumps


ambulatory infusion pumps


miniature infusion pumps


Medical Device R&D Expert Capabilities

Warren P. Heim Medical R&D Expert Brochure (pdf file)

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Team Medical is managed by Warren P. Heim, P.E., inventor on over 30 issued U.S. patents, successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of medical device experience, who has provided consulting services to many firms, including Abbott Laboratories, C.R. Bard, Baxter, Edwards Life Sciences, Linvatec (division of Conmed), Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, Johnson & Johnson, Smith+Nephew, Valleylab (Covidien)-Medtronic. Liberal arts and engineering degrees from Dartmouth College in 1973, 1974, 1975
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