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When you need to know the real story of medical device R&D or
healthcare product technology call Team Medical

Decades of medical product experience

Since 1996 Team Medical’s only business is medical device Research and Development and medical device manufacturing process development. Our strong analytical capabilities and laboratory and shop facilities provide full-range consulting services.

Broad and Deep Experience

Team Medical solves problems and answers tough questions. Team Medical's long history developing medical devices and evaluating medical device technology and business opportunities frequently leads to inquiries regarding what Team Medical can do to accelerate product development or evaluate business opportunities.


Instruments and disposables

Devices used in

operating rooms,

critical care units,

alternate care sites including home health care

Diagnostic, monitoring, and therapeutic instruments and disposables ranging from infusion therapy to cardiac care to catheters

Algorithms, signal processing, and system design

Manufacturing equipment including automated assembly

Open surgical procedure devices and minimally invasive surgery devices

Assembly fixture
Real-time test data
In vitro comparison

Over 100 medical device projects have been done. Refer to the other pages in the menu near the top of this page above for details.
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We provide the following services to our clients


Medical product research and development, engineering, and production startup – design products for you

Production fixture solids model

Due diligence by reviewing or assessing healthcare technology, products, or businesses – answer questions for you (will it work, how much will it cost, how long will it take?)

Prototype fixture in hood

Expert assessment and evaluation – technical analysis and reviews including expert witness for patent infringement and other litigation.

In vivo hemostasis test


Team Medical operates out of its specialized medical device R&D laboratories that include an electronics assembly and test laboratory, specialized coating formulation, application, and test laboratory, and machine shop/mechanical assembly and test facility.


Team Medical has designed and built specialized instruments and equipment for developing and testing medical devices. In addition to these specialized instruments and fixtures, other test and measurement instruments are at Team Medical's facilities. Example equipment available includes:


Electronic test equipment (including signal generators, arbitrary waveform generator, oscilloscopes, LabView enabled data collection),


Mechanical test equipment (including custom computerized instrumentation to test mechanical properties),


Energy-based surgical instrument performance measurement and evaluation system – custom computerized data logging and analysis system


Temperature controlled water bath,


Ultrasonic cleaners,


Precision digital balances,


Binocular microscope with image capture and measurement/analysis capabilities (both still and video capture, including during energy-based surgical instrument interactions with tissue),


Fume hood (custom designed for the special work done at Team Medical),


Six foot laminar flow hood (to provide clean room air quality when making precision prototype medical devices),


High temperature laboratory/production ovens with precision programmable digital controls (for curing and testing materials),


20 ton press and custom fixtures/dies for shaping and forming metal parts,


Electrosurgical generators.

Expanded Support

Team Medical uses established business relationships to augment its design, prototype fabrication, and test capabilities. These expanded capabilities include:


Precision Machining – Multi-axis machining and EDM to make tooling and fixtures are provided to Team Medical by contract machine shops within 30 minutes of Team Medical. .


In vivo Tests – Team Medical for ten years has used a premium quality contract FDA-GLP compliant facility, including for tests leading to successful FDA 510(k) submissions..


Histology Sample Preparation and Pathology – Team Medical uses local contract services for histology sample slide preparation and examination by a Board Certified pathologist..

Medical Device Capabilities Engineering R&D Expert Witness

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Team Medical is managed by Warren P. Heim, P.E., inventor on over 30 issued U.S. patents, successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of medical device experience, who has provided consulting services to many firms, including Abbott Laboratories, C.R. Bard, Baxter, Edwards Life Sciences, Linvatec (division of Conmed), Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, Johnson & Johnson, Smith+Nephew, Valleylab (Covidien)-Medtronic. Liberal arts and engineering degrees from Dartmouth College in 1973, 1974, 1975
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